Hello The 36th Avenue readers, it’s Angelina from JoJo & Eloise. Today I’m sharing a super adorable DIY Tote Tutorial, just in time for back to school . I know… Cute, right? 

DIY Tote Tutorial - Easy and adorable kid backpacks.

 This is how I made them!

DIY Tote Tutorial - Easy and adorable kid backpacks.

Your going to cut out a basic Rectangle Square shape. ( mine is 13×11.5) 2 of your main fabric and 2 for your lining. I used Linen Fabric for my main bag and cotton for the lining. You really could use any fabric that you have on hand or that you prefer. For the hair and glasses I used Felt, on the collar I used cotton. D rings and cotton belting for the straps.

( I purchased the D rings and belting at Joann’s)

DIY Tote Tutorial - Easy and adorable kid backpacks.

I used some computer paper and laid it across the top of my bag and drew out a shape for hair. I then cut it into 2 pieces so that I could over lap it for the hair.

DIY Tote Tutorial - Easy and adorable kid backpacks.

I pinned my 2 pieces to the front of my bag and sewed in place.

polly bag col2

Taking another piece of paper I drew out the shape of glasses then took a pencil and lightly drew the shape of eyes. ( I did mine closed but you could do open )

polly bag col3

Then taking some embroidery floss I embroidered the shape of the eyes, following my pencil lines.

polly bag4

Repeat the same process for the Nose and Mouth. Then take another piece of paper and set it against the sides of your bag where the hairline is and draw a shape for pigtails. Id your making a boy just leave as is. Cut it out and use as a pattern to cut your felt.

polly bag col4

Place your pigtails right sides together and pin in place.

If you want to make a collar draw a shaped and stitch in place. Or you could make a bow tie for a boy.

my friendly tote, backpack, kids

Cut a small piece of your belting and stitch below the D rings to hold them in place then pin to the bottom of your bag corners.

Take the right sides of your main bag fabric and sew along the sides and bottom, leaving the top open.

Do the same thing with your lining but leave an opening for turning right sides out later.

my friendly tote, kids

Cut 2 pieces of belting for the straps of your bag. Cut according to size and length needed for the size you are making. Stitch in place.

my friendly tote 1

Place the Right sides of your bags together by placing the MAIN bag inside the Right side of your lining.

(NOTE* I forgot to snap pictures of me attaching Velcro to the lining. You can add Velcro, Snaps, Zipper, button for a secure closer at the top. You will want to do this before sewing your lining to the Main part of bag. )

Sew across the top of your bag. ( the Hairline )

my friendly backpack, tutorial

Now turn your bag right sides out, through the opening in your lining.

Stitch your opening closed and your DONE!!

my friendly tote, summer backpack , kids travel bag

Now tell me this isn’t Cute!!!

DIY Tote Tutorial - Easy and adorable kid backpacks.


You can make these as BIG or as small as you want.

This one below is actually our older sons but this little man likes to carry him around.

So I think I need to make a smaller one for him.

DIY Tote Tutorial - Easy and adorable kid backpacks.

So, go ahead an pull out that sewing machine of yours and get to making your little kiddos their very own,

“My Friendly Tote”

DIY Tote Tutorial - Easy and adorable kid backpacks.


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